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Simple Joy Arts does not only share the joy through henna and face painting. We aim to bring joy to your daily life by offering with beautiful work handmade art of all types.

Everything on earth has been intricately made with intention and care. When we look out upon a mountainous landscape or touch the little fingers of a new born baby, we see a creation so glorious yet so detailed. Even the tiniest little ant has a heart that pumps, lungs that breathe and a purpose in this life. Mankind has a unique ability to add to that which has already been created and continue developing new and beautiful things that the world has never known before. We are the only part of this world replicated after the Creator God. One of the smartest things God could have done was to create other beings with the ability to keep creating even after He had finished his work. With this in mind, Simple Joy finds great value in artistic expressions of all mediums and desires to see the beauty continue to unfold.

One of the goals of Simple Joy is to connect skilled artists with the common people of the community. We aim to make the best work accessible for those who desire to enjoy it in their everyday lives. Listed below are some of the services we have the ability to offer. If you are interested in purchasing any of these forms of art, Contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your desires and get the finest piece ready especially for you.
-Graphic images


-Large/ Small Paintings

-Sketches of your favorite car/animal

-T-shirt designs

-Photographic Art

-Handmade Jewelry

-More to Come

During the summer months and potentially well into the winter, we will be hosting booths at different events throughout the Metro Area. Along with either henna or face painting that will be available at these booths; we also will be selling pieces of work from various artists. Feel free to keep up to date with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where we will be announcing our booth locations throughout the year.


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