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Henna is perfect for Youth Birthdays, Bridal/ Baby Showers, Graduation Open Houses, Prom Events, Company Picnics, 21/30/40 year Birthdays, Ladies Night Out, Wedding Receptions, and any other Special Occasion you might be celebrating!

The mission of Simple Joy Arts is not just to bring value to and cherish the women we do henna for, but also to give an opportunity for them to bring value and worth to other women who are in need of it. Simple Joy is in partnership with a Rescue and Restoration Home for women taken out of the sex trade industry in Thailand. Thailand is currently an international hub for sex trafficking. The lives of countless young women have been destroyed and their dignity stripped away from them through this heatless industry. The Rescue and Restoration Home, led by our personal friends Steve and Jenna Halvorson, takes women out of a life of pain and brings hope and healing to the most wounded places of their hearts. Each time you book with Simple Joy or pay for a henna design at a fair or festival, a portion of your money goes to bring joy and hope to these women in Thailand. Go to Our Mission page to read more about this amazing work and stories of the women who have gotten healing from the Rescue and Restoration Home in Thailand.

Henna tattoos are a lovely way to accentuate the beauty of the woman. We also offer masculine designs that look similar to permanent tattoos. They last about 2 weeks. Our Henna is all natural and hand made. We use dried and crushed henna leaves that grow in the hottest eastern nations of the world. We mix it with essential oils, lemon juice and honey that help release the die of the leaf. It is then heated and placed in small cellophane cones. We prepare the area of skin with a dab of natural oil and then apply the paste like frosting on a cake. It will dry in about 15 minutes. Upon request, we sometimes apply a layer of colorful sparkles to add some beauty while it is drying. At that point it is the costumer’s decision as to how long they would like to keep the frosting like substance on. For the darkest stain it is best to leave it for 2 to 4 hours. After it is removed, the skin underneath will be stained an orange color. The next morning it will become brown and will last for 1 to 2 weeks depending on how often the area is washed. The designs we offer hold no religious or cultural meaning. We create them to complement the beauty of the women or match the strength of the masculine character.

Whether it’s a personal or a corporate event, we travel to your party destination ready to serve you and your guest! Select Book and Event to share with us some of the basic information about your event and we will do our best to get an Artist to your Party!
Personal Parties (up to 15 tattoos): $140/ hour and a half
Corporate Events 105 per hour (2+hours)
Small Parties (up to 10 tattoos): $100/ hour
Personal Appointments: Contact Us
(The less tattoos provided per hour, the larger and more complex they will be.)
For events more than 60 miles round trip from Lakeville, MN there is a $20 millage fee.

We arrive at your party destination 15 minutes prior to our hire time to set up.

We provide all that is needed; henna, oils, other materials, table and 2 chairs (unless they are already present at the event).