SimpleJoyArts | Face Painting
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Weather it’s a Birthday, Family Reunion, Company Picnic, Costume Party, Super Sports Fan Night, Benefit, School Event, or Just a Neighborhood Barbecue, We know how to make the kids feel like they are valued and a colorful part of the festivities!

Simple Joy has a desire to not only bring joy to our clients, but we also seek to bring joy to those who are in harder times than we are right now. It is our goal to connect the hearts of the little children we work with to the hearts of other children who are in need at this present moment. When you book a party or have your child’s face painted at an event, a portion of that money goes straight towards children that are in need. At this time, Simple Joy is specifically giving towards victims of terrorism in the Middle East who have lost their homes, businesses and means of living. For more information on the organization we support go to

Having a face painter at your party is an easy way to make a nice party into something really special for the kids. Little girls love to feel beautiful with sparkly butterflies, crowns, and lots of swirly designs. The boys love to feel like they are real superheroes especially when they have their costumes to match. Themed parties are always exciting for them. Each child feels extra special when they get to sit up on that tall chair and be the center of attention for their 5 minutes of fame. When they are finished they love to look in the mirror as everyone OOOs and AAAs at their newly found identity as a princess or hero of some sort. In reality each little one is a work of art in themselves. They are either a perfectly created princess with so much beauty and love to offer the world or a strong little heart that desires to fight for the sake of those less fortunate than them. We use only non-toxic water based paint and are FDA approved.

We arrive at your party destination 15 minutes prior to our hire time to set up.
We provide all that is needed; paint, sparkles, other needed materials, table and a tall chair (unless they are already present at the event).
Personal Parties (up to 15 people): $120/ hour and a half
Corporate Events 95 per hour (2+hours)
Small Parties (up to 10): $85/ hour
For events more than 60 miles round trip from Lakeville, MN there is a $20 millage fee.