SimpleJoyArts | About Us
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About Us

Simple Joy Arts not only provides quality designs for your party or event, it brings an extra measure of Joy that will liven up your occasion whatever it may be! We travel to your personal or company party and share our quality designs whether it be for the adults or the little ones.


Elizabeth Silbernagel (Artist/ Director of Simple Joy Arts).

As a little girl, Elizabeth imagined herself in heaven one day getting to paint rainbows from morning till night. She wanted to grow up to be an Artist. Upon entering grade school, Elizabeth’s attention was diverted by the many other childhood activities. Though remaining a creative person, it wasn’t until she graduated from college at North Central University where she majored in Cross-Cultural Studies that she rediscovered her calling to be an Artist. Following her many travels overseas and work with children both nationally and internationally, Elizabeth began working as a Face Painter and Henna Artist. She now finds herself doing just what her little heart wanted all along, Painting Rainbows! She has also spent time in India and Africa where henna finds its roots and is a normal part of the everyday life.


Gretchen Burkhart (Henna/ Visual Artist)

Growing up, Gretchen found herself to be a natural born artist. She spent hours upon hours creating and expressing herself through art. In high school, she started her own photography business called, Gretchen Burkhart Photography. Today, she continues to capture the beauty in people and God’s creation through her photographs. Her many other forms of art include; playing and writing music, dance, drama, filmography, and most every type of visual art. Though Gretchen completed a contemporary business degree in college, she still finds her greatest joy loving God and people through her art.

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